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Be Your Own Boss

    Find your purpose, earn and be happier


    Discover How To Create An Online Course, Get Affiliates, And Launch It With ClickBank in 30 Days!

    Even if you’ve NEVER sold anything in your life!

    be your boss

    You’ll discover the underground secrets of how to reinvent the way you make a good living doing what you love.  As you’ll see, learn to be your boss is a powerful skills development program designed for burnout moms who want to create one passive income channel and leverage their expertise or passion to the next level with no limits!

    No business degree or social media following of any kind is required to take part. 

    Yes, I am ready to FINALLY create my own passive income channel with ClickBank in 30 days.  I am excited to reinvent the way I make a good living doing what I love!

    Main Benefits You’ll Enjoy!

    Improved Focus & Life Direction

    If you are sabotaging your ability to stay focused to empower your dreams, then be your boss 30-day challenge, will help you get focused, be productive to discover what career or business path suits you, be happier, and get paid what you are worth.

    If you are having trouble asking for vacation leave, being your own boss will give you the flexibility to choose how much or little you want to work, flexible location, schedule, and time to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

    If you are feeling lost and stuck, be your own boss will give you the momentum to unleash your greatest potential, increase motivation, and energy to take action to achieve your goals  without confusion and overwhelmed.

    If you need more speed to work smarter using your laptop and internet connection, be your own boss will help you to automate your business 24/7 to deliver maximum results and skyrocket your income in the shortest amount of time. 

    If you don’t feel in control of your life or your future or perhaps uninspired by the work you do day-to-day, be your own boss will help you to reinvent the way you make a good living doing what you love without spending thousands of dollars on a business school.

    If you don’t want to rely on social security or pension when you get older, be your own boss is designed to help you create your own income pipeline for money to become the by-product of what you love doing not to depend on anyone or anything.

    • One in three women in relationships is financially dependent on their partner.
    • Making time to do what you love can help you be happier, ease your stress, and add quality years to your life.
    • Life often gives us unexpected monetary problems and retirement is not just having enough money to pay current bills and mortgage.
    • Never rely on social security alone because even a low inflation rate can eat away your retirement savings and purchasing power.
    • It’s smart to set multiple passive income channels because it takes time to develop to work for you.

    Here’s Exactly What You Get…

    Be Your Own Boss Framework

    Be Your Own Boss Framework is a super solid business foundation that is truly unique and custom-tailored for you. When you adopt the be your own boss framework, this will help you crystalize your business idea, be happier, and get paid to empower your dreams. This initial phase is the key to moving to the next two phases safely and effectively. Both beginners and advanced be your own boss owners can and will benefit from this phase. It’s perfect if you feel lost, stuck, and unmotivated in what you do.

    Be Your Own Boss Dominator

    Each progressive step in phase 2 focuses on outlining your profitable online course topic and narrowing down your branding to create a $200, $500 branded course all the way up to 5-figure premium programs. The be your own boss dominator can be used at any level. It’s not all about how sophisticated your website is or if you have millions of followers on social media. Be Your Own Boss Dominator is about how to convert a total stranger into a paying client building trust and loyalty.

    Be Your Own Boss Ai Mastery

    Phase 3 is where we’ll put all the pieces together that we have learned from phase 1 and phase 2 into a mighty income-generating channel that nobody can take away from you. Phase 3 is designed to get the most done in the shortest amount of time to sell your branded online course globally with no limits! There are more thrilling and progressive approaches in this phase to boost your sales with AUTOMATION using ClickBank!  Putting you in complete control of how much or little you want to work, be productive, flexible, and be happier doing what you love maximizing your self-worth!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    After joining Be Your Own Boss program, you will be taken to the student portal where you will have to create your student account. We’ll then verify your account within 24 hours (you’ll also receive an email reminding you of this.) 

    Does it expire or do I have lifetime access?

    Be Your Own Boss program does not expire and you can log in as many times as you want from any device. You can access the portal on any device connected to the internet once you are part of it.

    Who is Be Your Own Boss For?

    Be Your Own Boss is for burnout moms who are uninspired by the work they do day-to-day and want to reinvent the way they make a good living in attaining true time and money freedom WITHOUT any fancy office!

    Will this work even if I don’t have any business experience?

    Yes, absolutely can. No business experience is needed. The Be Your Own Boss is designed to be fun that anyone can enjoy. So this will work for you, regardless of your story, background, experience, and goals.

    I’m really busy, how much time is required?

    Each instructional video takes about 3-5 minutes long.  You can watch the video, pause, and do your homework at your convenience. This is all up to you!

    What makes Be Your Own Boss different from other programs?

    Well, first of all, you don’t need to pay a fortune for a business school or be technology savvy. Each and every solid strategy built into Be Your Own Boss program was done with simplicity. Your best outcome in mind from start to finish which makes it completely unique from anything else available about making money online.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    We want to eliminate any stress or fear you may feel by taking all the risks for you. Your risk is ZERO. This program is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 full days from your original purchase.  If you are not completely satisfied, simply let us know and you will be issued a full refund. 

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