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    “Discover the Secret of Unlimited Food
    During a Food Crisis – while

    Everyone is Starving to Death…

    Imagine a World with a severe food shortage, food can’t be bought from supermarkets or grocery stores because everything is out of stock, people die of hunger and they people kill each other over the little food left…

    And Yet… You have Plenty of Healthy Food
    to feed yourself and your family. Here’s
    How It Works:

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    Dear Friend,

    There’s a reason why post apocalyptic movies, survival TV series and literature are currently flourishing…

    It’s got little to do with the latest trends… but everything to do with the imminent food shortage which is ahead.

    Unfortunately, the average person is unlikely to survive; there simply won’t be enough food for everyone.

    And if you have been thinking of buying a food stockpile to last you for years…

    I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you would be just lowering your chances of survival.


    Because during a food crisis – people kill for food.

    By having a food stockpile, you are essentially becoming everyone’s TARGET

    But there’s hope…

    My name is John and I’m going to show you how to survive the incoming food crisis.

    By ‘survive’ I don’t mean just get by, but to have more food than you and your family could possibly eat – while the rest of the population is starving!

    And no, it won’t cost thousands of dollars – it’s an inexpensive, easy solution for the average guy.

    I will show you all the tips and tricks you will ever need to survive a food crisis, as well as to have enough food to last you a lifetime…

    But let’s backtrack a little… because at this point you are probably asking:

    “Why should I believe you when you talk about a food crisis?”

    Well, you don’t have to believe me, just check what the news around us are saying:

    Well, the obvious answer is that you need to spend more money than before to feed yourself and your family.

    But what if you can’t afford it?

    It’s a fact that our money power is always going down. A few years back, a few dollars were enough to buy food for an entire day, now we need twice as much money to buy the same amount.

    What will happen when food prices are high and people can’t afford food?

    The Arab spring is the perfect example of this.

    According to a recent WikiLeaks cable releases, it is confirmed that the Arab spring started primarily because of increasing food prices and global famine rates.

    There are, obviously, complex social reasons why people riot and the tiniest spark can lead to mayhem.

    Just imagine how long supermarkets will last when people are rioting because of hunger! They will be the first target.

    In 2012, Union leaders in Spain ransacked two supermarkets in Andalusia.

    Another incident happened when the unemployed people in the cities of Cadiz and Sevilla raided local grocery stores and took with them approximately 3 tons of food items.

    This happened in civilized societies.

    See what people can do if they are in desperate need of food?

    Would you do any different if you couldn’t put food on the table?

    Many people are already preparing for the inevitable crisis which is upon us…

    Some are spending thousands on supplies and equipment, other even sit for expensive survival training courses.

    But the sad news is that they are just wasting their money and lowering their chance of survival.

    When food is scarce, whoever has food will become a target. Armed people will come after you to take the food from you.

    And unless you can defend yourself against an armed mob, then you can’t do much. The food you own will be taken from you.

    Just like what happened in the UK riots of 2011, looters took advantage of the situation…

    If this was not bad enough and somehow you manage to keep your food safe…

    Eventually your food stockpile will get depleted.

    And if you have a really huge food stockpile, it will eventually expire and go bad.

    But I found the perfect solution to any food shortage.

    With this solution you will:

    When food is scarce, the best way forward is to generate your own – an Aquaponics system does this perfectly.

    Aquaponics is a closed self-sustained system which generates both vegetables as well as fish.

    It also needs limited space and can be used virtually anywhere – on the roof, in an apartment, garage, garden and so on.

    Now for the surprise!

    Surviving the Wild Outdoors

    “Surviving the Wild Outdoors” will teach you about Survival Equipment, Survival Skills, eatable Bugs, edible wild plants as well as Additional Training for Surviving the wild outdoors.

    With the help of this book, you will learn some very useful tricks which can make the difference between life and death in time of need. You will also get this entire book as and MP3 audio recording.

    Herbs for Health and Home

    You cannot always predict the moods of nature, and it is wise to be well prepared for any calamity. But how can you survive natural calamities? The eBook, “How To Survive Any Natural Calamity,” teaches you exactly what you have to do in case a natural calamity strikes. Loaded with simple, practical tips that you can definitely use in case of emergencies, this book is a must.

    Worm Farming - The World Best Compost

    Worm Farming is the clean, green and environmentally friendly. And it’s so easy that anyone can do it. But what’s more: you can earn a considerate amount of money by wormfarming. From only houshold waste the worms make you the best compost you can wish for!

    Guide To Organic Cooking

    If you have any interest at all in organic cooking… if you want to eat healthier
    and do your part to help the environment… or you are interested in growing
    your own organic foods… then this Ebook was written just for you.

    Eating Healthy

    Secrets to looking younger and feeling fantastic. Learn every thing about
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    John Fay

    PPS. During this
    uncertain economic time, aquaponics is truly a life-saver, think
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    family… having up to 10 times more plants means you could more
    forward to self-sustainability…help family, friends, or even
    sell the food!

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